Rainforest-4 / David Tudor

David Tudor environmental work
Place : AREA 10 Peckam, London
Thanks to : David Tudor, APO33, AREA 10
Performed at Area10, Project space by Ryan Jordan, Julien Ottavi, Kasper Toeplitz, Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut, John Bowers, Dominique Leroy, Philip Julian Chris Weaver, Jenny Picket, Ryo Ikeshiro, Dawn Scarfe, Andy Wheddon, Duncan Ravenhall, Antonis Antoniou.

rainforest-1 rainforest-2 rainforest-5 rainforest-6 rainforest-7 rainforest-8 rainforest-9 rainforest-10 rainforest-11


Rainforest 4 by David Tudor “a collaborative environmental work, spatially mixing the live sounds of suspended sculptures and found objects, with their transformed reflections in an audio system.